The Rules of the Game in Asia

ASIA – a promising growth destination with a swiftly rising incomes, the opportunities are tremendous. The game is, you have to position well, else it can also be a quick place to fail.

For instance, today in CHINA, the consumer behavior is rapidly changing as:

  • People are willing to pay more for convenience,
  • They are more digitally connected, and
  • They are more willing to switch brands and adapt to new brands unlike the rest of the world – where in most countries the brand loyalty is still the game at large.

In such circumstances, the rule of the game is that: to compete and win in these markets, businesses and brands need to push themselves more than ever to swiftly and continuously adapt to the new changes and realities.

Published on April 10, 2018 by Augustine READING in Linkedin. The contributor is the Managing Director of NAHAN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CO., LTD.