Why Strategic Sourcing Partner is vital for Successful Business

With the market becoming more complex, many businesses are looking for solutions to reduce costs. The task itself is challenging. For businesses particularly with purchasing and sourcing related activities, it needs to understand and consider the benefits, vital aspect of having a strategic sourcing process and external strategic sourcing partner.


Understanding Strategic Sourcing
Strategic sourcing is a systematic approach or process that improves and re-assesses purchasing or other related sourcing activities of a company / organization. The general working approach in strategic sourcing is collaborative in nature where decisions are majorly taken based on research, requirement analysis, and market intelligence.


Why Strategic Sourcing Partner is vital?
Engaging an external Strategic Sourcing Partner will not only enhance the already existing company strategic value, but it will also help businesses to:


• Reduce costs and increase the purchasing volume
• Meet requirements at the best price
• Increase net earnings
• Increase shareholder value
• Improve operation or process cycle time and meet customer demands
• Reduce risk in regards to product quality, product availability, financial viability, service-level agreements, security, compliance achievement and shipment processes.


While, the business pressure to achieve the requirement terms and conditions at the best price is challenging, having a sound strategic sourcing process and external help from a strategic sourcing partner is vital to achieve the overall business goal.

Published on September 01, 2015 by Augustine READING in Linkedin. The contributor is the Managing Director of NAHAN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CO., LTD.