Product Sourcing

Whether You’re a Seasoned Importer or Importing for the First Time – We Can Work Out a Sourcing Solution for You

Do You Want an Easier Way to Source Products From China?

In China, you can find suppliers for almost every product. Yet finding the right supplier is not as straightforward as it seems. Not only are there thousands of suppliers to choose from, but you must background check these suppliers, then determine if they are trading companies, manufacturers, or even real at all! And once the supplier is verified you must assess each factory’s pricing, lead times, product quality and prior track record. Not only is this a large amount of work, but you’ll soon discover cultural and language barriers can leave you scratching your head and at times tearing your hair out!

How Do We Ensure You Get the Best Pricing?

We break down the true cost of a product through the bill of materials. We negotiate pricing to its absolute minimum which gives your business a price advantage over your competitors when importing from China. We can also lock in prices in Chinese Yuan (RMB) so that factories don’t jack up prices 3 months after you start ordering with them.

NAHAN has managed a good numbers of sourcing projects on behalf of hundreds of clients, across many different industries. Here’s why NAHAN is their preferred buying agent:

Assurance that the factory won’t collapse from unpaid debt obligations

Legal recourse if a problem arises

Quicker lead times

OEM branding

Better pricing, communication and service

Confidence in product quality

Access to our database of suppliers

Greater control over their supply chain

Source Products From China’s Best Suppliers

Our specialist sourcing team focuses on the following points to ensure you are working with right supplier to give your business the competitive edge

Factory Licenses (business license and export license)

Factory financials, size and location

Export history

Compliance to national standards

Factory accreditation (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000, OHSAS 18001)

Internal quality control systems

6 Ways NAHAN Can Improve Your Sourcing

Greater Access

Verify Your Existing Supplier

Utilize Our Database

Custom Manufacturing

Best Value For Money

Source From Multiple Suppliers

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